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Download Free VRM Models and FBX Avatars for Metaverse Use

Experience life via your alter ego. These avatars are available for download, and are compatible with all major metaverse platforms. You can demo this at

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What are VRM models?

The short answer? Free VRM models (like the ones available above) are plug-and-play 3D avatars that you can use in certain virtual reality apps, as well as a growing number of non-VR destinations across the web. These online destinations, experiences, and apps are what some broadly define as the developing “metaverse.”

Still a little foggy? Think of VRM as a new form of visual identity online, represented in 3D, like a video game character skin – except, it’s not locked to one company or game: you can take it with you and use it as your 3D virtual identity in any app/platform/game that supports VRM.

Visual learner? Try taking of our VRM models for a spin in a 3D virtual porn playground – here’s how:

  1. Visit
  2. Confirm your age in the pop-up and enter a username on the next screen (or try our random name generator by clicking the “recycle” icon, then say good morning to the Naughtyverse with a legendary name like "LubricatedGloryhole")
  3. Once you’ve decided on a name, click “Enter” and on the next screen “Start Exploring”
  4. The starting avatar will be assigned at random – to browse the current selection of free VRM models at, click the “person” icon in the lower left of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then choose your 3D avatar from the lineup
  5. Get a feel for your new online persona by exploring the Naughtyverse, where you’ll encounter some of the best 3D pornsites on the web, like Dream Lover or Strip Chat at Real Girls Now – and maybe even a few other surprises along the way…

What is VRM based on?

You’re… still here? You… actually came to Virtual Sex World for the articles? Huh… usually those who go to the Naughtyverse stay in the Naughtyverse.

Well, you know what they say: knowledge is sexy – and we aim to please.

VRM is based on glTF 2.0, a standard 3D file format that includes .gltf and .glb files. glTF 2.0 was derived from (you guessed it) glTF 1.0, which was in turn derived from WebGL. This was a significant tech pivot for the web, as it used Javascript to render actual 3D files in web browsers.

This effectively (if somewhat quietly) ushered in a new era of the Internet which transitioned from strictly 2D imagery online to interactive 3D elements displayed quickly and efficiently in-browser, without needing to download additional software.

Confused? Just think of the glTF format as the 3D equivalent of a JPEG, with a specific focus on web apps; most browsers, platforms, and programs can recognize and render the file type, which means VRM by extension shares many of the same characteristics. This makes VRM a relatively easy and appealing choice of 3D file format to adopt and work with for avatar developers, which makes it likely to gain even wider support in the future.

What does VRM stand for?

Oddly, there isn’t much direct documentation out there on what VRM actually stands for. This may be due to VRM’s origins as a Japanese file format, which could mean the acronym’s true origins have mostly been lost in translation.

That said, we’re going to go with Occam’s Razor on this one: the VRM file format was developed primarily for intended use on Virtual Reality platforms, and VRM files are essentially plug-and-play 3D models.

Ergo, VRM = Virtual Reality Models. (Probably.)

Got all that? Good. I’m glad you stuck around – but now it’s time to put those free VRM models to use. See you in the Naughtyverse soon, LubricatedGloryhole.

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